Why Use a Business Coach?

The right Business Coach has the power to lead you onto the path of success without letting you lose your focus at any point of time. Real Estate is a highly competitive business and players juggle with too many things. They must have a fairly good grasp of law, accounts, marketing, psychology, promotion, and business planning in addition to property management. The roles are diverse in nature. In order to survive and at the same time maintain the growth, you need to be exceptionally good in all the above spheres of knowledge. However, to become exceptionally good, you require special expertise and training and this is where a real estate business coach comes in. The majority of agency owners/directors rose through the sales ranks to get to their current position. They have had lots of sales training but often precious little business training. So all real estate business owners can benefit from a business coach in numerous ways. The following examples merely skim the surface:

The Coaching model: There are 2 ways of conducting business coaching. The first we call “Dial-A-Friend” from a well known TV program. The coach works with whatever issue you bring up in this conversation. This works on existing acute problems. The second approach is to follow a plan. You typically start with the basics in a business: Time Management, Financial Management and Sales Flow. Once this has been addressed and works well the coach moves on to Marketing and Systemisation of your business. Most businesses lacks in Marketing and they have not Systemised the business. Systemisation means in essence that you have worked through your various workflows and documented them. This is especially important in a growing company. Next comes your Team Culture. Everyone in your team must pull the ship in the same direction. The coach works with you to make this happen. The final step is to work with you to put your business on Auto-Pilot. This means that you as the CEO frees up your time so you can work almost exclusively on top level issues. You can also use the time freedom to get your life back in balance. An added benefit is that your company is now much more worth, because you can now sell it, if you so desire, to professional investors. And they can pay more for the right company!

Business Plan: Real estate executives who have undergone special training with a real estate business coach can craft solid business plans for their companies. With the help of the coach, you can envision the growth of your company five to ten years down the line.

Goals Accomplishment: An expert real estate business coach not only helps you formulate suitable growth plans for your business but also enables you to achieve them. He or she sets realistic targets for you and adequate time limits within which goals should be achieved. The coach also helps formulate marketing plans and identifies prospective clients to be gained in the process.

Quality Advice: Those who have undergone real estate business coaching are better equipped to understand changes in market conditions and the impact on their business. They can act early on changing market conditions and get an advantage over their competitors.

Fewer Mistakes: A real estate coach is like a third eye, he or she ensures that your company doesn’t make costly mistakes. He or she is like your business partner yet does not claim a share in business profits.

Technical Assistance: Your Business Coach also works with you looking at the various systems you use in your business. He or she helps you evaluate them. If your systems are old or not industry best, he helps you to transition to better and more modern systems If there are systems out there that you should use but currently are not, we’ll work with you to introduce them to your business.

Timely help: You are a very busy person. You need to off-load as much as possible from your plate so you can use your skills where they are needed most.. From doing research to making plans and strategies, your coach can lend you a helping hand in just about every aspect of your business.

A Real Estate Business Coach is a catalyst for success. With expert help, you can take your business to greater heights and remain relaxed even during unfavorable economic phases. If you really want to take your business to the next level, you should consider hiring a Professional Business Coach.