Improve Your Business Performance: The Role of Personal Goals in Business Planning

Stopping to Evaluate Business Performance and Personal Satisfaction

When a major event occurs or at a time of big change it naturally causes one to stop and ponder the bigger picture and reflect on priorities, happiness and success. For women in small business, a huge factor in determining feelings of success and happiness will be derived not only from business performance and work life balance but also from the level to which your personal purpose and goals are reflected in your work.

After all, if your small business is not aligned with your personal goals and values (or even contradicts them), it will be challenging to feel personal success or achieve a high level of business performance.

The link between Business Performance and Personal Goals

It seems natural to conclude that the more closely aligned your personal goals and purpose are with your business goals and purpose, the more personal success you will feel and the better your business performance will be. This is particularly true for women in small business who most often have set up their business so they can have more quality time with family and friends – e.g. achieve work life balance!

Unfortunately, traditional models of business planning tend to focus on the more formal aspects of business (all important stuff) but do not address the importance of aligning your personal purpose and goals in life with your business purpose and goals.

What is the risk if your business planning doesn’t align with your Personal Purpose & Goals?

Women all over the world are managing hugely successful businesses but it often comes at a cost. Many are forced to compromise on their personal dreams and goals AND their hopes for work/life balance in order to obtain the ‘success’ they are after in the business world.

On the other hand, there are many women who set out to start up a small business that is aligned with their personal purpose and goals in life, but they struggle to make it profitable and end up stressed and confused because they can’t get the clients they need or the income they deserve.

In either case, the level of personal satisfaction is low because the goal of achieving both business success AND work life balance is not reached.

Would you like to improve your business performance AND achieve your personal goals?

It IS possible if you choose to spend a bit of time bringing the two together. It won’t happen by accident, but with a little time and thought, you can clarify and align your personal purpose with your business goals. When you do this, your business performance will improve in leaps and bounds AND you will get immense personal satisfaction out of your work. The key is in the planning and strategising that you do to get there.

  • Does your business plan reflect your personal purpose, goals and vision for your life?
  • Have you designed your business so that it integrates and aligns with the things that are important to you outside of work?

If yes, great work. If not, then it’s time to make it important.

After all – if business performance is important to you AND you would like to feel personal satisfaction from your work – this is the key!