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Marketing On A Budget For Small Businesses – Part 2

In our previous published article, Marketing on a Budget for Small Businesses, we introduced small business owners to basic, but effective marketing strategies such as leaving an internet footprint, handing out business cards on a daily basis, utilizing social media to target a wider range of clients, and sending brochures to prospective clients.

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How to Start a Home Based Business and Grow It to Profitability

In this discussion, we are going to focus on issues pertaining to how to start a home-based business. Many of the most successful businesses were actually started it in someone’s home. We’re all familiar with the many fables and legends of individual starting multi-billion dollar enterprises in their basements and garages and certainly you can develop a highly successful business that is based from home. Of course, only a small and almost infinitely small fraction of the use of home-based businesses will become as successful as the next Microsoft were Facebook, however, you can develop a secondary income for yourself to the development of a home based business. In fact, over time, your home-based business may become your full-time job. When you are starting a home-based business, the most important thing to do is to first determine what type of business at you ultimately seeking to start. Many people, with the advent of the Internet, have taken the starting small e-commerce businesses were small blogs are able to generate a modest amount of income on a monthly basis. As such, we fully recommend that you harness the power the Internet when you are starting your home-based business. However, not all home-based businesses need to be based on the Internet or have a nationwide presence. For instance, if you are very good with numbers and have a strong background in bookkeeping, then it is very common for you to open up a part-time bookkeeping practice that is based solely out of your home.

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Business Plan: A Simple Approach

What is it?

A simple business plan will describe the internal and external environment of a company. Its aim is to inform internal and external stakeholders, individuals or groups of individuals internal or external to the company. Usually it will include information about the strategic position of the business, plans for the future, the management, products and services offered and the financial position of the business. In a few words it will give a detailed description of the business.

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